sports gearIs finding the basketball or baseball glove for your child’s practice a weekly fight with your garage? Do you feel like sports gear has taken over? Here are 5 quick and easy steps to help you organize the sports gear in your garage.


1.Gather: Go through your garage and gather up all of the sports equipment baseball gloves, basketballs, rock climbing gear, football, skateboards, soccer ball, golf bag, etc. Gathering all of the sports gear that you’re trying to organize will make it possible to see what you have and if you need to keep it.

2. Purge: Once you have everything gathered together decide what you still use and what you don’t. Recycle the gear that is broken and donate those items that are no longer being used. For example if your son had a size 3 soccer ball when he played at age 4, but has a size 4 ball now that he is 8, you can donate the smaller one.

3. Assess: Once you have narrowed down the sports equipment in your garage look at what you have and decide how you would like it stored. Is it something your children use all year or only during the summer? If it’s all year, you may want to make a place lower for easy access but if its used only during the summer like goggles and pool toys try finding a place that is still easy access but not as visible all year round, like the bottom shelf in a cabinet.

4. Determine Supplies: Organization supplies range in pricing. Ball bags, shelving, and hooks are a great and affordable way to get all of that equipment off of the ground. If you already have a cabinet and its only half being used try using plastic containers for the smaller items like baseballs, golf balls, golf tees, and tennis balls.

5. Put Everything Away And Label: Once you have your supplies get everything off your floor and put them in their newfound places. Label anything and everything you can! This will increase the probability of your children putting their sports gear back in its correct spot.


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