Phoenix.  The Valley of the Sun. 330 days of sunshine per year. Gorgeous weather from October through May, but it gets hot in the summer. Blazing hot. Fry an egg on the sidewalk hot.  And yes, its a dry heat.

Which brings us to reason #1 – To protect your investment.  For most folks, your cars are most likely the second biggest investment you make after your home. That being said, why leave them outside the garage, slowly baking in the brutal Arizona sun?  Your paint fades, tires dry out while the interior gets hot enough to bake a souffle. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get your car(s) in the garage along with your piles of “stuff”, you run the risk of dents or scratches due to overcrowding.  Why risk it?

#2 – A safer environment.  Lets face it, stuff laying around your garage floor is an accident waiting to happen.  Rakes, brooms, plastic bins, golf clubs and bicycles can become quite a tripping hazard. And all those bins and boxes are a perfect hiding spot for the creepy critters that live in the desert like spiders and scorpions. Eliminate the hiding places and you eliminate the bugs.

#3 – Easier to keep clean. When everything is organized and off the floor, clean-up is a breeze.  A quick pass with either the broom or leaf blower and you’re done!  No moving stuff out of the way.

#4 – Finding what you need is simpleOnce your garage is organized, you can easily find what you need, since everything has a place.  Long term storage items up high and out of the way, while the things that you use more often are within reach.  And be sure to group things together like sports equipment, yard tools, household items and automotive things.

#5 – You’ll be proud of your garage. The garage is arguably one of the largest spaces in your home.  And it’s certainly one of the most visible, due to those giant doors. Why not take pride in it?

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