Garage Organization for Dummies

ugly garage

Is this your garage? It doesn’t have to be.  All you really need to know are a few basic tricks about garage organization. So let’s get started.

The first thing that you need to do is get everything out of the garage.  That way, you’re not continuously shuffling the same stuff back and forth, hindering your progress. One really important note here is that while you’re moving the stuff outside, you have to ask yourself if you’ve used this stuff in the past year or so.  If you have, than that item is a “keeper”.  If not, then you have to decide if it is good enough to donate to a charitable organization or if it goes in the trash. The piles of items in the “donate” and “trash” will take care of themselves shortly, so don’t dwell on them. The “keepers” are going to take some more work.

One of the biggest challenges in organization is having the proper place to store your stuff. Hopefully, you have an organization system in the garage such as shelving, cabinets or overhead racks.  If not, you need to get something to put your stuff on.  If you don’t, then all you are going to do is bring it back in the garage and pile it on the floor.

Regardless of what type of system you use, start by deciding what items are long-term storage items and what is used on a regular basis.  The long-term items like seasonal decorations or that holiday punch bowl need to go up high and out of the way.  The other stuff you’ll want to keep within easy reach.

Now its time for some categorizing.  Separate items into logical groups such as sporting goods, yard tools, household items, automotive stuff, etc.  Now, find a home for each category in whatever storage system that you have at your disposal.  You might want to keep yard tool closest to the side door to your yard for easy access. Golf clubs might go closest to your overhead door so you can easily pop them in the trunk of your car.  And be sure to label your areas so you can put stuff back when your done.

Remember, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”.

If you need assistance in deciding which type of storage system is best for you, contact your local Monkey bars dealer for a free consultation. If you live in the North Valley Area of Phoenix, call 602-714-0033 for Monkey Bars of Phoenix.


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